Landscapes of Mandalpatti & KushalNagar

by Harish Mohan on Dec.24, 2015, under Landscapes

We had a n quick get away to Mandalpatti & Kushalnagar last month.

Few high lights from the trip

After spending some quality time with family we proceeded towards kushalnagar

Read more about this trip @

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by Harish Mohan on Aug.28, 2014, under baby-children

Met this amazing family couple of weeks ago for the photo shoot of this young chap.

It was great to work with another wonderful set of people who supported me through out this shoot.

It was a long day with couple of hours of outdoor shoot planned at lal-bagh in the morning & then the rest of indoor shoots planned in the evening.

As always we were kept on our toes by the baby.

I will leave the rest to for the pictures to speak.

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by Harish Mohan on Nov.22, 2013, under baby-children

I have been off this site for quite some time. Regular work has caught up with me and i have been forced to turn down lot of photography requests that are coming my way.However couple of weeks ago i managed to do this photo shoot of Neil. This was the second time that i was working with this family.

Working with kids is always fun..

It takes a lot of effort to keep these little heroes in the right spirit through out the shoot.

I have been very lucky to work with a lot good parents who spents as much as energy as i spent to keep there kids cheered up through out the shoot.

Last time i shot him was an year ago he was far more naughty then.

This time around he was very much cooperative and was giving us much lesser trouble.

The shoot lasted almost for 5 hours and..

we definitely had some very nice pics coming our way at the end of it.

As i told before i am very lucky to be working with people like these parents who took care of my all needs through out the shoot and made me feel at home.

When you have such a support at the work place it also shows up in your work.

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by Harish Mohan on Sep.23, 2013, under baby-children

Latest baby photography from Bangalore.

Yet another week end shoot spent with few amazing people.

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by Harish Mohan on Sep.03, 2013, under baby-children

It has been a long time that i have updated any pics in here…
So here it goes..These pics are from my latest kids photography session i had in Bangalore.
As always met yet another amazing family and a very cute kid..

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by Harish Mohan on Jun.02, 2013, under baby-children

Latest set of baby photography done in bangalore

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by Harish Mohan on Apr.25, 2013, under baby-children

Updating the latest baby photography done at bangalore

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Coorg-Kadakani Resort Trip-Pics

by Harish Mohan on Mar.10, 2013, under Landscapes

We decided to take a break from busy software life’s last month and headed to Kadakani resort in Coorg.
The Resort was a nice place to be and we enjoyed our stay there.

You can visit the resorts home page here

I will let the pics do the talking now

This one was shot en route to the resort

Coffee served at this resort was amazing..after a long time spent quality time and to add to that as a bonus when we traveled the resort was not crowded.This made our experience an exclusive one.

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by Harish Mohan on Jan.21, 2013, under baby-children

Updating the latest baby photography done at bangalore

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by Harish Mohan on Oct.21, 2012, under baby-children

Latest series of photoshoot of kids in bangalore

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