Family Photo Shoot of Dale’sFamily

by Harish Mohan on Feb.12, 2010, under Family

Today we were invited over for dinner by one of our colleague Dale .Dale has been working with Novell for quite a long time now.Myself & Dale work for the quality team at Novell and for that matter we were able to interact for couple of times before i came to US.I was very exited to visit his family and to know more about their culture & their family.And for my surprise today Dale & his family prepared dishes which were very close to Indian cuisines & really made us feel at home. His house is in Highland,Utah.High land is a very nice, calm city in Utah,which is rapidly being developed now.The food was great & his children fun to be with.They played some nice piano for us & we had a blast.All the while,when others were busy chatting with each other ,i was moving around with my camera picking up some shots and here they are for you guys to see…

Last but not the least,I thank Dale & his family for calling us over and allowing us to spend some time with them and also for making us feel at home..

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