Flower Shots From Gundulpet Flower Farm Near Mysore

by Harish Mohan on Feb.05, 2010, under Flowers

Gundulpet is a place in karnataka which is known for its farmers & also its known for its flower farms..
These pictures were taken on a farm in gundulpet located almost 100 kms from mysore & just before sulthan bathery.
Gundulpet a small village were in you will find a lot of small strollers on the road side who sell vegetables cultivated in their farm for a living.The road to this village is covered on both sides by farm lands trees and it provides an incredible view of the landscape & also gives a lot of chances for landscape photography.Gundulpet is also the diversion point between ooty & calicut roads.Ooty is around 200 kms from gundulpet & calicut is again around 150kms from gundulpet.After this village the road to calicut leads you through Bandipur wild life sanctury & then through waynad willd life sanctury.These places are again very beautiful & if lucky some one can spot a deer or an elephant crossing their path during driving.The new rules doesn’t permit night time traffic on this stretch though…

We usually Drive down from bangalore to calicut & during one of those travels i was lucky enough to spot some amazing flowers at one of the farms in gundulpet,mysore & was lucky enough to have a camera to shoot them ….

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