Scale Model-Photoshoot

by Harish Mohan on Mar.12, 2010, under Product Shoots

Yesterday i got an weird idea of creating a soft box in my house.Once i was done with that i took my scale model collection & did a photo shoot of each of them.

A scale model is a representation or copy of an object that is larger or smaller than the actual size of the object . Very often the scale model is smaller than the original and used as a guide to making the object in full size.

The bike shown here is Kawasaki KLR650 ,known as a dual purpose bike ideal for highways as well as off roading.
The scale model of this bike was presented to me by my wife when she came to know that i am a bike enthusiast, during our initial days of friendship

The Next Bike is From Suzuki called the hayabusa.This bike is by & far the final word in sports bike world.Its the fastest production sports bike in the world.I can go on & on talking about this bike.If i ever become rich enough in this life time,then you will find a 1:1 working model of this bike in my garage. But for now since i am still struggling to make some fortune, i could only manage a 1:18 collectors model.This one is close to my heart since this is the first thing i brought for myself with my first salary 4 years back.

Last but not the least ,this bike is from yamaha,though i don’t exactly recall the model name of this bike,this is one of my favorites in my collection.This model again was presented to me by my wife.

Finally i am very thankful to my wife who did the job of a light boy during the entire length of the shoot.

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