by Harish Mohan on Nov.28, 2010, under Portraits

After shooting these guys together now it was the turn to shoot each one of them indiviually.

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  • Minu

    Hi Harish….

    I am sujith’s friend…I never knew sujith has got a photo face..His single snaps are amazing….. :)

  • Harish Mohan

    HI,Thanks for visiting.Both of them are fabulous & together they are awesome.thats why i end up shooting them almost every time i meet them.

  • Henry

    First two snaps are too good….and sujith u look really stunning in the second one.. :-) The light effects in the first snap is really amazing…the angel of the shot too and perfect costume…

  • Harish Mohan

    Thanks buddy for visiting

  • Sreejesh S

    Harish really good pictures da…didnt knew u had such a good talent…really impressive and keep it up…..Hope u will take some pictures of me as well..:-))…lol..

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