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Bangalore Cute baby-Photoshoot

by Harish Mohan on Jan.11, 2011, under baby-children

Last week i got a chance to shoot a cute champ who had just turned one.His parents had approached me for a photo shoot some time before.

He according to his parents had just learned to walk around,and i guess he very well displayed his newly discovered ability to me.He was so active that I almost thought that it would be impossible to shoot him.

Lot of help was given by their parents who tried there level best to keep him engaged.

These are few pics from this shoot.Hope you guys like it.

He used to get fed up the toys in very less time &

every time we had to run around for something new for entertaining him.

had to use lot of toys,

bottles & utensils to keep him at one place.He was very happy in the water & you can see that on his face.

However after some time he himself decided to pose for the cam.

His parents had a tough time making wear the cap for this dress,every other second he used to throw it out.

As usual this photo shoot also extended over a couple of hours,

but in the end of the day i was very happy to meet this cute little champ & make a few new friends.

Needless to say they were excellent hosts & took care of myself & my assistant (read wife) very well for the entire duration of the shoot.

I was very delighted to meet this young guy & i wish him all the best in his life.

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