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by Harish Mohan on Jun.24, 2011, under baby-children

The latest of the another shoot that comensed last week.

This time the baby was a 7 months old champ & it was all together a different experience shooting him.

Needless to say that this time too…

i was able to meet some very good people…

and they provided me with all necessary…

help to finish the shoot.

I leave with the pics for now & look forward for your comments ..

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by Harish Mohan on Jun.12, 2011, under baby-children

Last week i did photo shoot for yet another client of mine.Shooting a baby girl was a completely awesome experience.

Lot of help & support was given by the baby’s parents.They were fantastic & were great hosts.

The Little angel was very cute & after some initial ice breaking session,we both became comfortable with each other.

The baby was so excited in front of the camera..

that she was taking everything on her stride.

After a couple of hours the baby went to sleep.

however after a short nap she came back with full energy…

and posed for us for hours together.

Photo shoot of babies are always fun to do…

& I am thank full to her parents for giving me a chance to shoot her.

After i have started doing baby photo shoots in bangalore,it has given me a nice way to spent time….

during my weekends.I here leave you with the pics and look forward for your valuable inputs.

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Bangalore Baby-Photoshoot

by Harish Mohan on Jun.04, 2011, under baby-children

I was approached by this kids mom to do his photoshoot again.This time we selected a out door location since the baby boy had started to walk and we wanted to shoot his newly learned skill.

Lal bagh is a very well know destination in bangalore & we decided to make this place the venue for the shoot.

The baby was all the more comfortable in such a vast open space & he started posing for the shoot without much fuss.

Photo shoot of babies are always fun to do & I am thank full to his parents for giving me a chance to shoot him again.

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Cute baby-photoshoot-Bangalore

by Harish Mohan on Dec.08, 2010, under baby-children

Recently I got a chance to shoot one of my Friends college mates baby in Bangalore.
I had lot of apprehensions regarding the baby photo shoot,I was not sure how i was going to handle a 11 month old baby,& how the photo shoot was going to turn up.

Lot of help & support was given by the baby’s mom & his grand parents.They were fantastic & were great hosts for me & my wife.

The Little champ was very cute & after some initial ice breaking session,we both became comfortable with each other.

He kept me on my toes during the entire shoot.He was so active that i am seriously thinking of hitting gym before i get another baby photo session to build my stamina.

It was very hard to keep him stable at one place & we used all kinds of articles like water bottels ,laptop,mobiles to keep the baby busy.

I was so delighted to meet this guy that the shoot went on for couple of hours.

Probably he was praying to god to save him from my torture.

The baby photo shoot was great fun & was a fantastic opportunity to make some new friends.

After a long photo shoot the baby gracefully went to sleep & we returned back home with some lovely pics & some great new friends.

Hope you guys liked these baby photos as much as i liked shooting them.

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by Harish Mohan on Nov.28, 2010, under Portraits

After Sujith it was Pheba’s turn.These are some of the pics from the shoot.

Spent almost 6 hours shooting these,and loved the results.

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by Harish Mohan on Nov.28, 2010, under Portraits

After shooting these guys together now it was the turn to shoot each one of them indiviually.

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by Harish Mohan on Nov.28, 2010, under Portraits

This weekend Sujith & pheba visited us at our house.Spent a lot of time in chit chat but what i also managed to do was a photoshoot of these couples as usual.

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Incredible India-Lepakshi Pictures

by Harish Mohan on Oct.14, 2010, under Historic Sites

“Le Pakshi”– Rise Oh bird ,uttered Lord Rama to the wounded Jatayu who lost its wings to Ravanaasura.
said our guide in kannada & broken hindi,four friends stood mesmerized and those frames from the Myhological serial Ramayana passed through our minds a couple of times.
The story is just starting said our guide & he walked towards the corner of the temple to show us a small sculpture of a tortoise & then he said that the entire temple was constructed on a hill which resembled a tortoise.
We were in this small village called Lepakshi in Andhra pradesh.120 kms from Bangalore there was this small village were there stood a wonderful temple which had so much of stories hidden under its each stone.

Lepakshi temple is a notable example of the Vijayanagar style of architecture. Though the temple of Lepakshi is claimed to have been constructed by Saint ‘Agastya’ himself, it was developed into the present exquisite shrine by ‘Virupanna’, the treasurer of the Vijayanagar Kings.He conceived the idea as he found the image of Veerabhadra.

India’s biggest monolithic Nandi stood at the entrance of this village.Its said that this temple had 7 rounds of corridor over a span of 175 acres were in earlier days pilgrims could come & rest.Now there are only 3 rounds which exists on around 5 acre of land.All the others have been occupied by the pilgrims who came to this place & they formed a mall village here.
This Nandi is supposedly in the 6th corridor.

Our Guide educated us on various incidents which were attributed to this temple & one of the most interesting one was about this monolithic snake structure which according to the legends were constructed in just 1 hour by the sculptures while their mother was cooking lunch for them.When mother finished cooking she saw this gigantic sculpture & could not believe what she was seeing & it seems that her evil eyes (bhoorii aankhein) fell on this sculpture & it was damaged then & there.

There are some cracks on this structure believed to be caused by the evil eyes.

Another very interesting place in this temple was the un-finished Kalyana Mantap which represents Shiva-Parvathy marriage & the pillars here depicts the various Gods & sages who supposedly have attended that marriage.

There is a tragic story which envelops this kalyan mantapa. Virupanna had to spend a great deal of money in building this stark monument, hence the treasury got depleted to a large extent. The jealous courtiers who knew this informed the King that Virupanna has misused the state treasury for his own personal projects. When Virupanna got wind of this news he foresaw cruel punishments from the King and hence he plucked out his eyes and crushed it against the walls of the very hall he was building.Even today there are two red spots on the western walls of this mariiage hall to mark this tragic episode

Every pillar here is a masterpiece.One of the most interesting one was that of the suspended pillar in the main hall supposed to be the reception hall of Shiva Parvathy marriage.

Also the depiction of Ramba dancing in the Natya Mantapa with her choreographer directing her by standing such that he is seen only by the dancer was brilliant.Just can’t imagine how some one would have thought all these.What an imagination.

The Main deity here is Veerabhadra Swamy & it seems that before having Darshan of this deity its important to pray to Ganesha & for this there is a huge Ganesha carved out of a single stone just outside the main temple.

This temple boasts of the best specimens of the Vijayanagar style of sculpture and mural paintings are found in the Natya and Kalyana Mandapams (dance and wedding halls).

The guide educated us for almost 2 hours & finally after a good Darshan & couple of photos Section we returned back.

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Butterfly Pics from Bannerghatta National Park

by Harish Mohan on Jul.06, 2010, under Wildlife

Contd From My Previous Post

After spending a spectacular day at jungle lodges Bannerghatta we returned back on Sunday.While returning we visited the Butterfly park in Bannerghatta National Park.This park is the first one of its kind in the nation.
The environment in this small enclosure has a tropical setting — complete with the humid climate, an artificial waterfall,a narrow walking bridge and host plants and shrubs that attract butterflies.
This small enclosure is the house to some of the most beautiful creatures on the planet.The small two winged wonders called butterflies.
See what i am saying.

I was stupid enough not to note down the names of these beauties ,but i can’t be blamed.My cam shutter was clicking more than i blinked.

We spent over 2 hours in this enclosure watching these beauties & by shear luck spotted butterfly mating as well.

There were a lot of photographers around shooting these beauties and it was fun meeting few of them.

few more shots.

it was so beautiful scene that i was running around the place clicking more & more pics.

All this while there was one person with me who was running behind me holding my heavy tripod & back packs when i was busy shooting,i wonder what i would have done without her in my life.She is the one who recognized my tiny winy interest in photography & then stood along and encouraged me in pursuing it. And this trip also revealed to me her exceptional eye sight, the way she spotted the birds around the national park, put the Olympus binoculars which our guide was carrying to shame (only if i had the lenses which could do justice to her eye sight).A zillion thanks Wify.

At last when i leave you with these images ,i request all to respect wildlife & also to do your little bit to conserve our nature.

Good planets are hard to find–Don’t blow it.

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Bird & Herbivore Pictures from Bannerghatta National Park

by Harish Mohan on Jul.06, 2010, under Wildlife

Contd From My Previous Post

This Post shares with you some of the Herbivore & birds which we spotted during our stay in Bannerghatta.The Jungle Lodges here provides a morning nature walk through a herbivorous park.There are 3 water bodies in this park & usually these water bodies are host to a lot of bird life,but for our luck we just could spot very little of them & here i am sharing them..

The below are called Mute swans and these are usually quite,& makes noise only when disturbed.

This one is called Spotted Dove.This was the most decent shot i could get from my limited kit.

The below one is our national bird the peacock.Though i am still starved to see a peacock in its dancing form & i pray that i get that shot some time soon in my life.

I always thought that i will never do bird watching or for that matter try & do wildlife photography ,but this trip proved it all wrong,remember what i told in the 1st post .The more you come near the nature the more you get involved.

While we were walking through the Herbivore park we were cautioned about the wild bison’s in the park by our guide.As the guide was explaining to us the deadly aftereffects of a bison attack recently in the park,guess what we saw at the next turn.
Not one but two Bison’s looking straight into us,We were scared to death & at that moment the best thing to do was to hear to our guides commands & we religiously followed it & he took us to safety,but not before i could click this.

A little more walk in to the wild brought us near a sambar deer which had come to have its breakfast.

After the nature walk this is what waited for us at Bannerghatta Park.

Like this after a walk of 2 and half hours we reached back jungle lodges to have our breakfast.

I bet the next part of this blog will be the most beautiful & colorful one.

To be Contd..

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