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Leopard pictures from Bannerghatta National Park

by Harish Mohan on Jul.06, 2010, under Wildlife

Last weekend was a long one for most of the bangaloreans, thanks to the strike called by various political parties. Since I was bored of watching TV & my wife was bored of cooking for me we thought of going to some place were we could be away from the daily routines of our life’s.We were searching for a good place when we came to know that the Jungle resorts in Bannerghatta was having a tent house free.So On Saturday we ventured into Bannerghatta national park.Though the intention was to spent some quality time with each other ,the best part of the trip turned out to be that we were in midst of wildlife just 22 kms from Bangalore & my camera eyes was more than happy that it got to shoot some of the best wild animals during these days.This post will be a contd one because of the amount of pics shot.I am sharing here the pics of leopard shot at bannerghatta during our stay.

During these two days more than the stay what we really enjoyed is the fact that we were spending our time in midst of a forest & this was the first time we ever came so close to nature & through this trip we also realized the damages we do to our environment & the way these acts effects our ecosystem.

After this trip i have made an point to help conserve the nature in what ever way possible & also another most important thing i noticed is the way we behave in such nature parks.I was sad that people was using this nature park as a place to have fun & not as a place to learn about the environment.I was shocked to see the amount of plastic these plastic free zone were having & also the amount of noise made by us at these parks.Parents were encouraging there children to run around ,make noise & tease the animals,instead of teaching them about the animals or our environment.I was wondering how we would feel if some one barged in to our homes & made noises or littered around.I wish we could change these behaviors.

Seeing these majestic beauties i wonder how people can feel like spoiling there home & disturb them.

i would like to urge to all those who read this to visit such nature parks even its at a premium,educate your next generation about these animals,& when there ,please be friendly with these ,its just that we humans got a little more luckier,avoid littering & noise.If you want to hang out & make merry, go to some malls or other places,but go to nature parks to be with yourself,to learn,to watch & if you are a shutterbug,go here to shoot & i bet you will keep returning,its such a wonderful experience.

To be Contd..

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