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Candle light pics.

by Harish Mohan on Apr.22, 2010, under Fun Shots

Last day,it was a boring evening and we decided to pick some candles and do a candle light photo shoot.These are some random pics taken in candle light.Hope you guys like these pics.Shooting in candle light can be challenging sometimes because there can be lot of unnecessary shadows and glare in the frame which one should consciously decide to avoid or include in the final result.and it goes without saying that these were shot with a tripod.

The following pic as you can see is obviously not shot in candle light but then it is a tried and proven technique using long exposure.I gave it a shot along with the candle light shoot.The result is here for you to comment.The results i guess is not that bad.but i wish i had a better back ground to try this out.

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