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Vishwashanthi Ashram, Bangalore.

by Harish Mohan on Jul.03, 2012, under Historic Sites

Visited the Vishwashanthi Ashram in bangalore last sunday.
Few pics from the trip

This ashram is located at a place called ….

nelemangala on tumkur highway.

It hardly takes around ….

one hour for a round trip on a sunday.

We satrted at 4:00 ..

and were back by 6:30 pm.

However we had spent almost…

one hour in the ashram.

Read teh complete travelouge at

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by Harish Mohan on Feb.13, 2012, under baby-children

This is another addition to the baby photoshoot that i have being doing in bangalore.

Though This time the task was to shoot one baby i ended up shooting two of them..

We were apprehensive of shooting the elder baby becasue

its kind of much more easier to get various expressions from a smaller baby

than from getting it from a bigger baby..

However after spending some time into the photo session the elder one was co-operating with us.

The younger baby was very exited to see his house changing inito

a studio and he was very cooperative with us through out the shoot…

2-3 hours into the photoshoot the younger baby was sleepy he had a nice nap for around one hour….

..and in the mean time we again got busy clicking the elder one.

Through out the shoot the parents were very cooperative and they were fuelling us with all kinds of snacks which kept us going.
This again was a great experience and again we got to meet some nice people.
For now i leave you the pics..hope you guys like it and i also like to thank all those who have been following me trough this blog.

Finally we winded up the shoot with some out door pics.

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by Harish Mohan on Aug.12, 2011, under baby-children

Last week one of our family friend visited us along with there 7 months old baby girl.On there request i did a quick photosession of the baby.

This was done at my house in a much more restricted space than i usually get to do.

The baby was just out of a nap & was full of energy and the moment i used to take out my cam she used to give all soughts of poses.

I don’t know what these kids have to do with the camera,The moment its facing them they struggle to get closer to the lens.

The shoot was done after a heavy lunch and it was hard for me as well as for the parents of the baby to keep the kid in one place,however

she was not bothered about all these and simply kept posing..

I thiink i will never get tired of doing this.Its so fun and every time its so much of learning.

Thanks all for your support & looking fwd for th same in future as well.
I now leave u with pics.

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Bangalore Baby-Photoshoot

by Harish Mohan on Jun.04, 2011, under baby-children

I was approached by this kids mom to do his photoshoot again.This time we selected a out door location since the baby boy had started to walk and we wanted to shoot his newly learned skill.

Lal bagh is a very well know destination in bangalore & we decided to make this place the venue for the shoot.

The baby was all the more comfortable in such a vast open space & he started posing for the shoot without much fuss.

Photo shoot of babies are always fun to do & I am thank full to his parents for giving me a chance to shoot him again.

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Cute baby-photoshoot-Bangalore

by Harish Mohan on Dec.08, 2010, under baby-children

Recently I got a chance to shoot one of my Friends college mates baby in Bangalore.
I had lot of apprehensions regarding the baby photo shoot,I was not sure how i was going to handle a 11 month old baby,& how the photo shoot was going to turn up.

Lot of help & support was given by the baby’s mom & his grand parents.They were fantastic & were great hosts for me & my wife.

The Little champ was very cute & after some initial ice breaking session,we both became comfortable with each other.

He kept me on my toes during the entire shoot.He was so active that i am seriously thinking of hitting gym before i get another baby photo session to build my stamina.

It was very hard to keep him stable at one place & we used all kinds of articles like water bottels ,laptop,mobiles to keep the baby busy.

I was so delighted to meet this guy that the shoot went on for couple of hours.

Probably he was praying to god to save him from my torture.

The baby photo shoot was great fun & was a fantastic opportunity to make some new friends.

After a long photo shoot the baby gracefully went to sleep & we returned back home with some lovely pics & some great new friends.

Hope you guys liked these baby photos as much as i liked shooting them.

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by Harish Mohan on Nov.28, 2010, under Portraits

After Sujith it was Pheba’s turn.These are some of the pics from the shoot.

Spent almost 6 hours shooting these,and loved the results.

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by Harish Mohan on Nov.28, 2010, under Portraits

After shooting these guys together now it was the turn to shoot each one of them indiviually.

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World of Lights & Shadows Contd…

by Harish Mohan on Nov.24, 2010, under Portraits

I am constantly trying to improve on my lighting techniques & in the coming days you guys will see more from me.I request you guys to scribble in my comments session if you liked it or not or any criticism or any ideas so that i can keep improving this.

So now these three shots were taken yesterday with my wife as the model. I had always a liking towards dark b&w contrasty portraits & these are some taken with my limited equipments.

These are not typical lighting used for a girls photo,i guess these lights looks better on a male, but i had to try this on someone & my wife was the only default model i have.

Its hard to get desired results on a pic when you are doing all these in a small apartment filled with furniture & with only one flash in hand.But there are a lot of potential use which I am still exploring.

The below I kind of liked because i liked the smile on her face & i guess that soft lighting added to it.

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