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by Harish Mohan on Aug.22, 2011, under Landscapes

Last week we travelled to calicut through waynad to drop my wife at her home for vacation.

Traveling from bangalore to calicut during the month of august brings in lots of pleasant sceneries enroute.& i am here by sharing few of them.

The below shot is from the famous “Thamarassery churam” almost every one who has travelled through this route would have shot this & i too could not resist it .

This post also will bring in a change in my blog which has only seen baby photographs over the last couple of months.

The route after the village of gundulpet to the start of bandipur national park is filled with such flower farms

During the months of august and septmeber its so beautiful that you can spend hours in these farms just staring at these flowers

This time we were allowed enetrance to a fenced flower farm by the farmers..

Thanks to my broken kannada the localites were happy to hear it & they allowed us with a smile on there face..

I was in my native for two days and on monday returned back solo to bangalore.

People who are from calicut & waynad and who have travelled through the “churam” would never miss this small temple on the enterance of the hill which, as legend goes has the soul of the tribal man who showed the british soliders the way through the hill to reach the foot hill.The man was later killed brutually by the bristishers for some reason.

After staring at the clouds for some time & praying in the above temple i started back to bangalore for a continous 6 hours drive..

However keeping the cam in the passenger seat proved lucky because i got these two guys walking down the forest while driving through Bandipur

That brings the end of another blog.Hope you guys liked the pics.

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