by Harish Mohan on Dec.04, 2011, under Wildlife

I had a n opportunity to visit Toronto Zoo today.
The Toronto Zoo is a zoo located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It opened August 15, 1974.
We were very thrilled to see the polar bear which was one of the major attractions of toronto-zoo

Encompassing 287 hectares (710 acres), the Toronto Zoo is the largest zoo in Canada.

we were so exited about seeing these animals so closely that ..

we ended up walking for 5 hours continuously.

for 5 hours continuously.

as we moved on we saw several ….

species of animals that were just wonderful.

In the park some animals were kept indorr.

Some of the animals were taken out of exhibit area for treatment purposes too..

One another very interesting place in the zoo was the aquariums placed at different places.

The Jelly fish on display there was just great.I was not knowing much about these species but i was wonder stuck to know that these had no brain and 90% of there body consisted of water.

There were so many animals spread out over a vast area in the toronto zoo….

,that we had to rush through most of the areas in the zoo.

We came back from the toronto zoo at around 4:30PM.

but it is surely one of those trips that is going to last in our memories for a life time.

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