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by Harish Mohan on Nov.24, 2010, under Portraits

I am constantly trying to improve on my lighting techniques & in the coming days you guys will see more from me.I request you guys to scribble in my comments session if you liked it or not or any criticism or any ideas so that i can keep improving this.

So now these three shots were taken yesterday with my wife as the model. I had always a liking towards dark b&w contrasty portraits & these are some taken with my limited equipments.

These are not typical lighting used for a girls photo,i guess these lights looks better on a male, but i had to try this on someone & my wife was the only default model i have.

Its hard to get desired results on a pic when you are doing all these in a small apartment filled with furniture & with only one flash in hand.But there are a lot of potential use which I am still exploring.

The below I kind of liked because i liked the smile on her face & i guess that soft lighting added to it.

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